Mental Health

These are very challenging and unfamiliar times, much of which could casue negative reactions to our minds.

These reactions may cause strange and uncomfortable feelings, turning everyday life upside down, leading to increasing tiredness and general anxiety. It is important to understand that some of these reactions are normal, our minds and bodies are built to attempt to cope with such changing situations and we naturally try to make sense and adjust the changes we are forced to face.

Attempting to slow down and being more accepting of the changes and struggles can help to release the pressure that can occur when we continue to push ourselves, allowing our minds to slow down and process the changes and understand what is happening.

Try to remain self-aware of these situations, recognising when taking a break is necessary. Think about calming activities that are more natural to you, try to focus on something away from what is bothering you, something you may find particulary relaxing.

Strange times can lead to struggles with anxiety which can lead to lack of sleep and mood changes. Don't panic, it is okay to struggle at times, things will get better, try and step back from what is bothering you.

Please contact us if you feel that you need to discuss your feelings further. You can call us on 0151 922 3510.